In 2013, CASA of Franklin County served 779 children, only 23% of the children in the Franklin County Juvenile Court System.

In Ohio, a child is abused or neglected every 17 minutes.

A child is likely to move three or more times during the average 21 months they spend in foster care.

Only 54% of youth in foster care earn a high school diploma and only 2% earn a bachelor’s degree or higher.

In 2014, CASA of Franklin County was on track to serve over 800 children who have been severely abused and neglected.

More Giving.  More Volunteers.  More Safe Children.

CASA to Receive Funds from The Columbus Foundation’s $15 M BIG GIVE.


The BIG GIVE through The Columbus Foundation raised over $15 million dollars in a 24-hour period! CASA was a recipient and the total will be announced soon. 


We are for the Child. We are You.

“I am for the child who has been abused, the child who is afraid to go home; who thinks its her fault, who is forced to keep a secret… or else.

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CASA Training: Next Session Begins In July 

CASA’s July pre-service training to become a volunteer Guardian ad Litem builds your skill foundation with in-person classroom coursework, case reviews, and professional expert presentations.  Join us for a NEW session of Training! 

CASA of Franklin County’s mission is to provide a powerful and consistent voice in court for the innocent child victims of abuse and neglect. Learn More

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