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The Headlines are REAL

 You’ve seen them.  You’ve read them in the newspaper and you’ve scrolled through the stories online.

The tragic things you hear about actually do happen. 

Mental, physical, sexual abuse and neglect – children being treated in ways that are shocking and saddening to all of us – it all happens, and in some cases it could be happening closer to you than you may ever realize.  Your children could be friends with kids who have a story they are too afraid to share.

Help us speak up and stand up for these children.  Help us stop these headlines!

By donating to CASA and/or signing up to volunteer as a child’s Guardian ad Litem, you could make the biggest difference imaginable in a child’s life.  By getting involved with and supporting CASA, you help improve a child’s life, and assure them that they are not forgotten, they are cared for, and they are valued.

These children do not deserve to be “sentenced” to foster care, or lost in the system.  They deserve to go to school and learn things that could change their lives.  They deserve to sleep in a home where they feel safe and loved.  They deserve people in their lives who look out for their best interest, always.  They deserve to grow up and pursue their dreams, and have a support system behind them.  They deserve honesty, compassion and care.

Please help give these kids what they genuinely deserve. 

Please consider CASA of Franklin County in your end-of-year giving plans. 

Thank you


  1. I very much admire the CASA folks and would love to offer my help. I’m at a unique time in my life, I’m retired with no kids at home, but would very much like to make a difference somewhere. Not sure where to start, can I fill out an application to become a CASA volunteer?
    Thank you,
    Patti Floyd
    1536 Carlton Way
    Blacklick, OH 43004

    • Hi Patti,
      Thank you so much for your interest and support! Suzanne Barker will contact you about learning more about volunteering. You can also fill out the application online which starts the volunteering process. I’d like to invite you to our “Voice of A Child” tour. We hold tours of our office and the courtroom every third Thursday of the month. Thank you again! Suzanne will be in touch!
      Thank you!

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